This document about reopening our church currently has two sections: Health Questions and Worship Service Questions. 

Q. Who do I tell if I develop symptons of COVID-19 or am exposed to it?
A. Report symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19 to Father Tom by email or telephone call. 

Q. What will the priests do to ensure they are healthy?
A. The priests will be held to the same standards as the congregation to not be at the church if:
 a. not feeling well
 b. running a fever (100.4 or higher)
     The priests will take their temperature in the sacristy before starting the service. 
 c. dry coughing
 d. They have been in contact with someone known to have the coronavirus (even if not showing symptoms), until they are well, or have completed self-quarantine.
You will also see hand sanitizer set out near the priests and used during the service.

Q. Will you be taking temperatures of every person who attends?
A. No, we do not intend to. There will be thermometers available if anyone would like to have their temperature taken.

Q. If a member gets sick after the church slowly reopens, will the clergy or vestry shut things down immediately?  What is St. George’s obligation to tell the congregation so informed decisions can be made at that point?
A. St. George's operated by the New York State Department of Health Guidance documents. It details how to clean and disinfect the church. If more than seven days have passed since the person who is sick visited or used the facility, no additional disinfecting and cleaning is required. Otherwise the area is to be closed off for 24 hours, thoroughly disinfected and cleaned, and returned to use. 
The church would communicate with the parish what has occurred. Each individual can then decide if they want to be contacted for contact tracing. 

Q. Do I need to make a reservation to come to a service?
A. No, we are not taking reservations. We have a large nave and can seat a large number of people with proper distancing. 

Q. May I bring my children?
A. Children are WELCOME! They will need masks. We request that parents keep their children close to them to help maintain social distancing with others. 

Q. Can we kneel?
A. Yes, you may kneel. Our cleaning procedures includes the kneelers.

Q. Will I be able to talk to people after the service or do we have to leave immediately?
A. We request that any socializing after the service be done outside in the grass areas and social distancing maintained.

Q. What happens if I come to a service and it is full?
A. If tour nave is full, our parish hall can be used as an overflow with the service shown on the large TV in that space. 

Q. What if I don't have my own prayer book?
A. The church is willing to give you a prayer book that you can take home and bring back to church each week. Please speak to an usher about this after a service. 

Q. Will we still have the option of online services if we are not comfortable in a crowd?
A. Absolutely! We understand fully that the decision to return to the church for group gathering to worship is an individual decision. We are planning to continue online services even past the end of this current crisis. Online services have benefits for the sick, those who cannot get out, snow days, snow birds, and more! 


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