COVID-19 and Current Activities at St. George's

Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATED 06/20/2021

Q. Are masked required?
A. As of June 17, 2021, masks will no longer required of anyone who has received a Covid—19 vaccine and the appropriate waiting period has passed. We will continue to encourage anyone who has not been vaccinated to wear a mask when in the building and maintain safe social distancing when gathering with others.

Q. What will the priests do to ensure they are healthy?
A. The clergy (priests and deacon) have had vaccines in early spring 2021. The priests will be held to the same standards as the congregation to not be at the church if:
 a. not feeling well
 b. running a fever (100.4 or higher)
 c. dry coughing

Q. Will I be able to talk to people after the service or do we have to leave immediately?
A. We will begin phasing back a modest hospitality after some Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning services for what we will be calling, “Welcome and Fellowship.” Weather permitting; hospitality will be available in the front courtyard immediately following the services. Please contact Heidi Bonacquist if you would like to help with this ministry.

Q. May I bring my children?
A. Children are WELCOME! Children are asked to follow current CDC guidelines just as adults are.

Q. Will we still have the option of online services if we are not comfortable in a crowd?
A. Absolutely! We understand fully that the decision to return to the church for group gathering to worship is an individual decision. We are planning to continue online services even past the end of this current crisis. Online services have benefits for the sick, those who cannot get out, snow days, snow birds, and more! 

Q. Who do I tell if I develop symptons of COVID-19 or am exposed to it?
A. Report symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19 to Father Tom by email or telephone call.