Contact: Jo Anne Robinns

St. George’s is participating in a recycling program called CLYNK. Our local Hannaford, 19 Clifton Country Road, is a participating business. The money raised will go to the AGAM ministry in Malawi, Africa. 

Need a bag? The supply of bags is located on a table in Hatlee Hall. Since we are charged for the bags, it is important that you do not take a bag unless you plan to participate.

It is a 3 step process:

Bag it: First of all, we will provide participating families a green recyclable CLYNK Storage Bag for you to take home and where you’ll put your used cans and bottles. Put your bottles and cans in the designated green recyclable CLYNK bag – be careful not to overstuff. Bottles are not broken, cans are not crushed, and product labels – with barcodes – are intact. Also, if a bottle has a cap, please leave the caps on! Each bag of cans and bottles should not weigh over 20 pounds.

Tag it: Each bag should have our personalize tag attached. Scan it: Make sure to scan each bag when you get to your Hannaford’s drop off location, which helps ensure all your bottles and cans can be properly tracked by our system.

Drop it: Drop your bag off and go about your day!