Healthy Congregations Workshop

Healthy Congregations Workshop

January 16th - 18th 2023
9:00AM - Noon

The Healthy Congregations workshop uses the insights of family systems theory to help church leaders become more effective stewards of their congregations. The workshop was developed by Dr. Peter Steinke and is based on the work of Dr. Edwin Friedman, author of Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue.
Since the publication of Generation to Generation, many pastors have come to recognize the importance of understanding family systems theory as it relates to congregations. The Healthy Congregations workshop helps both clergy and lay leaders expand their insight into how churches function as emotional systems.

Why does this matter? Christian maturity is about being spiritually mature in our relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord. Spiritual maturity, as evidenced by the fruit of Spirit (Gal 5:2), encompasses other areas of human maturity such as physical, intellectual, psychological, and emotional maturity. Some are able to become emotionally mature by becoming spiritually mature. Father Tom's experience has been that more often than not emotional immaturity stifles spiritual maturity. As a person seeking to have Christ in their life matures emotionally, they are better equipped to embrace a deepening and maturing spiritual faith journey.

Please feel free to contact Father Tom or Mother Elizabeth if you would like to learn more about how you and St. George’s can benefit by participating in this training.

Healthy Congregations Brochure

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