Altar Guild

Contact: Lorraine Simpkins

The members of the Altar Guild serve the Church under the direction of the Rector. In general terms, we are responsible for making the church ready for worship by setting the altar for each celebration of Holy Eucharist, and caring for and cleaning our sacred vessels, linens, and priest’s vestments. 

While we work primarily behind the scenes, what we do is a critical act of service to the Church. It is rewarding work for many reasons: deepening one’s faith and devotion, learning more about the history and traditions of the Episcopal Church and its liturgy, and joining a long tradition of service. 

This ministry is open to anyone in the church who is willing to be trained in the proper procedures and
wishes to serve the Lord in this quiet, but meaningful way. Anyone - men or women, young or old - may
have a vocation for Altar Guild service.

Altar Guild members serve on a rotating basis, and scheduling is flexible. Instead of committing to set-up
and/or clean-up for a designated weekend service, you may also take on a specific task such as polishing
silver and brass or, for those with “a green thumb”, caring for the plants.

If you feel called to serve in this way, or would like to learn more about it, please contact the Altar Guild
Directress, Lorraine Simpkins at or speak to Fr. Tom or Mtr. Elizabeth.