Veterans Retreats

Contact: Carol MacNaughton

St. George's supports the Welcome Home Initiative retreats at Christ the King Center in Greenwich, NY. The retreat program helps veterans and spouses understand the hidden impact of combat and trauma, and provides a safe place for emotional healing. This essential spiritual and emotional healing is a complement to healing received from psychiatric and social services. Read more including testimonies and closing ceremony talks to see how this ministry helps our veterans.

St. George's provides "Welcome Bags" for the veterans coming to the Welcome Home Initiative retreats. The 2024 schedule for retreats is:
 Female Veterans Retreat:  April 15-17  Completed! 
 Alumni Retreat (Male and Female): June 10-12  
 Male and Female Veterans Retreat: November 4-6

Ways you can support these veterans and these retreats offered at no cost to them:
a) Pray for all God is calling to the retreat, all who come to the retreat and the team of volunteers serving
at the retreat.
b) Contribute to the cost of providing the retreat. Click on Christ the King DONATE, then use the drop down
list to select Welcome Home Initiative.
c) Contribute to the Welcome Bags St. George's provides to each veteran attending. Details below.

d) Attend the closing ceremony at Christ the King at 10:00AM on the last day of the retreat.

Any non-perishable items leftover are saved for the next retreat. An abundance of donations in pens, pencils, tissues, snack bars, and other items means we have a small number of needs for this retreat.

View these gifts on our Welcome Bags for Wounded Vets slideshow.